Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does your Princess need Magic Glasses or Vision Therapy?

Princess Liana had trouble seeing the beautiful birds she heard singing in the tree, but with the help of the magician, Maximilian, her eyesight was fixed with a magical pair of glasses. Unfortunately, not every child’s eyesight can be fixed with a pair of glasses. As I mentioned in the last post, Dr. Brett Miller, from Triangle Visions Optometry, said, these are not really even eye problems, but issues with how the brain processes information that the child takes in visually.  And they require what is called “Vision Therapy”.  There are three main issues that require vision therapy.  They are: eye focusing problems, eye movement problems, and eye-teaming problems."  “For example," says Dr. Miller, “with eye-teaming, when you go to the doctor’s office, they check your eyes one at a time.  They really don’t do much testing of the eyes together.  In the real world, we are always using both eyes together.   Also, most of the work a child does at school is up close or near work at her desk, reading and writing.  There are a number of other visual skills that the eye chart doesn’t  look at, like focusing or if the eyes line up to the same spot, or how well the eyes move across the page.  Those are the three main ones.  And there are more visual factors, but what is important is to remember that Clarity of Vision, which is what is tested for generally at schools or the pediatrician’s office, is different than Vision. And some of these visual factors may require Vision Therapy.”

Wow! Who knew glasses weren’t always the answer to children’s vision issues?! Below is an image of Dr. Miller using some vision therapy tools on an adorable patient!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Dr. Brett Miller, O.D.

In the Princess Who Wore Glasses, Princess Liana goes on a fun adventure to help with her eyesight.  She has a wonderful visit with Maximilian, the kind magician who gives her an amazing eye-test that not only assesses Liana’s vision, but also shows her how great her vision could be!  During her eye-test, the magician uses his kaleidoscope to make things bigger and brighter for Liana!   This spring and summer, we will be joined by our own “magician”, Dr. Brett Miller, OD, an optometrist from Triangle Visions in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Dr. Miller has a specialty in pediatric vision care.  She loves treating children, and has so much great advice and practical tips for parents to make sure their kids are getting the best vision care available. 

One of the first things Dr. Miller wants our readers to know is that there are a number of pediatric eye conditions that cannot be fixed with a pair of glasses. Wow! Actually, she says, “These are not really even eye problems, but issues with how the brain processes information that the child takes in visually.”  These are called learning-related vision problems, and they require what is called Vision Therapy.

In our following post, Dr. Miller will help us understand the specific conditions requiring Vision Therapy, and the assessments that can be used to help your prince or princess see clearly. I’m looking forward to our upcoming chats with Dr. Miller!

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 Dr. Brett Miller, O.D.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Princess Liana Goes To The Triangle Family Expo!

The Princess Who Wore Glasses is happy to be a part of the Triangle Family Expo!
taking place at the Apex Baptist Church in Apex, NC during March 22nd and 23rd. 

                  Apex Baptist Church
                  110 S. Salem St. 
                   Apex, NC  27502                    

Laura will be reading The Princess Who Wore Glasses at Storytime for Kids on Friday
at 10 am.  We will have a raffle for a signed copy of the story.

Laura will be reading and signing your copy of The Princess Who Wore Glasses  both days at her booth. So come on by!  A table will also be setup with fun activities for kids!

Sponsored by Sweetbottom's Baby Boutique, the Triangle Family Expo is a family affair featuring over 60 vendors and exhibitors, locally-made refreshments, lectures on a variety of family-related topics that are given by industry professionals, and entertainment for the children.

Here is the link to the Expo!


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Photo: Sponsored by The Princess Who Wore Glasses 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Princess Liana Goes to Australia!

Princess Liana made her debut in Australia with a wonderful article in Insight, Australia’s leading ophthalmic newspaper.  You can view it  or go to Insight’s website and read the article in the free online March edition, page 60.  I am so excited that helping girls feel confident in getting glasses is super important to our parents and eye-care professionals in Australia.   

We know that wearing glasses can be fashionable and fun, but we also know that the process of getting glasses can feel mysterious. Many girls have some concerns about their self-image and how their peers will react. Princess Liana, in The Princess Who Wore Glasses, becomes excited about her journey to get help to see her kingdom.  And I love how, with designer magic glasses, her eyes are truly opened to a whole new world of things and places she has never seen before.  Her friends seem as excited for her as she is!

Thanks Insight for introducing Princess Liana and The Princess Who Wore Glasses to little girls in Australia!

Click here to checkout Insight Magazine's online article of The Princess Who Wore Glasses!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Year New Contest!

We begin the year with a new fun contest to win a copy of The Princess Who Wore Glasses through the Triangle Family Expo in Apex, NC., which you will be hearing much more about over the next few months! Click here and like ThePrincess Who Wore Glasses on Facebook, and you will find the post linking you to the contest!  

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Princess' Gift For Christmas!

Happy Holidays!  

Looking for a great gift for a princess this Christmas?  The Princess Who Wore Glasses makes a great gift for all the little girls who enjoy a beautiful princess story.  It also makes for a lovely Holiday gift to add to a teacher’s library, which you can purchase at Amazon!
This season, we have enjoyed being part of WRAL’s Made by Mom Gift Guide.  Click here to see part two of Sarah Hall’s review of The Princess Who Wore Glasses.

Also, if you have a princess ages 6-14, you may enjoy the new BYOU magazine, a newer self-esteem magazine for girls highlighting stories of young girls making a difference in their worlds.  The Princess Who Wore Glasses is one of the giveaways in the December/January issue.  You can purchase the BYOU magazine on their website or at Barnes and Noble bookstores. 

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Gift of Glasses!

During this season of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of how much glasses are a gift.  Princess Liana was given the gift of magic glasses from the court magician that enabled her to see a whole new world of beauty, and enjoy a richer relationship with her friends!  Wow!  Just yesterday, as I was watching my five year old daughter in her dance class, I talked to another mom whose princess in the class was wearing her fun purple and pink glasses as she leaped and skipped around the studio.This little girl was very farsighted, and required glasses really from her first few months of life. Just learning to walk had been tricky for her, and small objects needed to be moved out of the way so she could feel comfortable walking freely.  She would be easily startled if someone came near her quickly.  At 18 months of age she began to wear glasses. She also started eye training sessions to help her strengthen her eyes and to adapt to ongoing vision changes.  How wonderful now to be a dancing princess who wears glasses!! 

Do you have a thankful or encouraging comment about your daughter getting glasses  
that you would like to share with our readers?  We would love to hear from you!

On another thankful note, The Princess Who Wore Glasses is being blessed by being included in the WRAL’s 2012 Go Ask Mom, Made by Mom’s Gift Guide hosted by Sarah Hall.